Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Go Red For Women Luncheon 2016 - volunteers needed

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the American Heart Association. We are looking to confirm volunteers for our Go Red For Women Luncheon. The luncheon is coming up on Thursday, February 25, 2016. Please email amy.herringshaw@heart.org to confirm your attendance!

Below are the times and duties for when we will be needing volunteer help, please reply back and let me know what you are interested in helping with, and your availability! More information will follow with regards to parking and such (some of the event logistics are still being nailed down), but please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions. If you have friends or family that would be interested in volunteering, please give them this information and have either you or them RSVP. The more, the merrier!

If possible please send replies no later than Friday, February 12, that would be much appreciated – in order for us to plan. Replies should include:
  • Volunteer name:
  • Volunteer email:
  • Volunteer cell #:
  • Time available to volunteer:
  • Areas interested in volunteering (see below):
  • Physical limitations (if any) we need to take into account for assignment (ex: seated assignment, or vegetarian snacks):
  • Other info we should know:

Categories of Volunteer Opportunities:

Event Prep:
Silent auction prep – event week lead-up. Will need help preparing all the silent auction items for transport, and making sure we have the right signs ready for each. AHA office – hours are 8:30am-5:00pm

Truck loading – at our office, Wednesday, Feb. 25, in the afternoon, time TBD. Volunteers needed for some lifting to help us get the truck loaded with all the event items.

Setup – Day prior: (TIME TBD, evening) We will only have limited access to the venue, so we will need volunteers to help us unload the truck, assemble giveaways and stage the silent auction items so that when we arrive on Thursday morning there won’t be too much to do.

Day of Event Schedule:

·         6:00am – 1st Shift: Setup volunteers arrive
·         6:00am – 9:30am Set up (see full description below)
·         9:15am – All-day volunteers break for rest, change clothes
·         9:00am – 2nd Shift: Event volunteers arrive, go to stations
·         10:30am – 1:30pm Event (see full descriptions below)
·         1:30pm – 3rd Shift: Cleanup volunteers arrive
·         1:30pm – 2:30pm Cleanup

 Post Event:
  • Event office clean-up: Tuesday March 1, time TBD
  • Thank you calls and handwritten cards: volunteers are needed to make calls thanking our donors, as well as writing cards (wording will be provided) thanking them. Preferably done from the office, but at the convenience of volunteer schedules.

 Day of Event Volunteer Assignment Descriptions: (depending on times, you may get to help with more than one area)

Evening prior: (evening, TBD) - assembling bags, boxes, silent auction items, OYH giveaway. A lot of little things that we can't set up until we get to the event space, so helping hands will be much appreciated!

Morning of: (6am-9:30am) Setting out gifts at all 500+ table settings, setting up the silent auction, ensuring booth space is ready for vendors, getting signage into place, and of course setting up the registration area. If you were thinking to yourself that you wanted to help, but didn’t want to take off work, this would be perfect – hoping to have 10-20 volunteers to do this. We will provide snacks to all who come!

Directional: (9:30am-12:30pm) Several stations assigned between entrance and the ballroom to make sure that attendees find the event easily. (10-15 needed - currently fully staffed)

Registration: (9:30am-1:00pm) Duties include – assisting with greeting guests and checking them in, and getting their contact information. Each attendee will be given a pre-assigned bidder number and table, and will be encouraged to pre-swipe their credit card, making silent auction bidding and donating during the program a more streamlined process. Note: we are using a new computer-based registration system for the first time this year, so if you are assigned this station, you’ll need to watch an intro video before arriving at the event. (16 needed)

Silent Auction Greeters/Runners: (9:30am-2:00pm) Mingle throughout the silent auction area and encourage people to bid and outbid one another for all items. Be able to talk about the items and what each package consists of, and assist in basic smartphone techniques for the mobile bidding. After guests go into the luncheon portion of the program, help with staging items for checkout at the end of the luncheon. If table running is needed, this team will assist.

Note: Unlike previous events, we will need about six volunteers who are comfortable with technology and talking to guests to carry tablets connected to the internet to assist guests with mobile bidding who have not brought their own mobile devices. Volunteers can bring their own tablets, or we have a few that we will be able to loan. Any volunteer machines will only be connected to the web portal for bidding purposes and will not be used for customer data or payment entry. (10+ total needed, including six mobile assistants)

Table Hosts & Special Appeal: (12:00pm-2:00pm)This involves greeting our guests as they come from the silent auction and helping them find their proper table to be seated. You will each have a map of the room to help with this. Additionally, the special appeal portion of the program is where we ask people to donate to our cause. You will help to collect donations and bring them to registration for processing, as well as handing out the gift for those who do donate. This is a very fun part of the event! (15-20 needed)

Other Volunteer Details:

Dress code:
  • Set-up and clean-up crews are casual/comfortable. Sneakers highly recommended.
  • Event shift is dressy (skirt or slacks for women, collar and a tie for men, jacket optional) – be sure to wear RED if you can! Flats are recommended.
  • Volunteers may not consume alcohol.
  • Volunteers will be working during the program and not seated at a table.
  • We will do our best to get as many volunteers as possible into the luncheon room for the Special Appeal portion to hear the survivor speaker.
  • Lunch and snacks will be provided in the volunteer area.
Volunteer Hours: If anyone is participating in this event for credit hours, I am more than happy to sign your forms confirming attendance. Please either bring your sheet to be signed, or let me know if you are in need of a letter.

Volunteer Training: We will not be doing any advance training, although we will be sending out details close to the event with information on the mobile bidding system. Please, unless you’ve confirmed otherwise with me, arrive at the registration desk no later than 9:30am so that we can get you trained on your station before the start of the event.

Thank you again for your willingness to participate in our event to make it a success! If you have any questions about the event, please feel free to reach out to amy.herringshaw@heart.org or call 702-789-4370.

PS – If you are interested in volunteering at our next major event, Heart Ball, on Saturday, April 23rd at Four Seasons, we will need approximately the same help (times shifted for an evening event), so if you’re interested please let Amy know, and we’ll be happy to put you on the list! Also, don’t forget to save Saturday, November 5, 2016 for Heart Walk! It’s a great event to volunteer at, and a fun family event to attend!


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