Health Fair Training

Health fairs are a great way to stay active in your community and help share life saving messages with your peers. Here are some rules when working at a health fair:

• Wear an AHA Shirt, if you have one
• Most health fairs require business casual dress

 Look professional! You are a representative of the AHA!
• Please no logos or graphics on your clothing (especially tobacco & alcohol)
• Make sure you are comfortable & appropriate

• The time listed on our posting is the time the event starts. Plan to be on-site 1 hour prior to the start of the event. You will need time to park, find the right entrance, check-in, locate the booth, set-up the materials, go to the bathroom, etc.

Setting Up The Table
• We will let you know if there are supplies to be picked up at our office prior to the event

• The materials most relevant to your event will be provided in your event box
• Put a table cloth on the table (if provided)
• Keep displays neat and pleasing to the eye
• Prominently feature any registrations/sign-up sheets and make sure there are pens
• You will not be able to feature all the materials at one time, so replace items as needed
• Use the brochure holders
 (if provided) to make the set-up look nice
• Please do not put food or drink on the table

At The Booth
• Appear approachable! Try not to stand with your arms crossed or on your hips.
• Stand up! People are less likely to approach if you are sitting.
• Make eye-contact and greet people!
• Promote the upcoming events and activities included in your event box.
• Do not be pushy or force people to take any materials.
• Allow people to tell you their story and try to be encouraging and sympathetic.
• Do not answer medical questions! AHA does not give medical advice. We recommend people see their physician.
• If you are asked a question that you don’t know or are unsure of, first look at the materials on the table – they may have the answer. If not, write down their name, contact information and question. A staff member will follow-up.
• If customers would like additional information, you can direct them to our website at

Tearing Down
• Pack all remaining materials neatly into the event box
• Use rubber bands to keep the materials separated
• Throw away all trash
• Fold and pack the table cloth (if provided)
• Say goodbye to any on-site contacts (the people who helped you set-up/check-in)
• Make sure the table/booth area is as clean as you found it

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